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The most popular posters

PosterLad is a graphic design project by a Czech designer Vratislav Pecka. The idea of this project is to reinvent the perception of posters: to perceive posters as art.

These are the common features of all posters by PosterLad.

Museum quality paper

All posters are giclée-printed on a premium matte, durable and acid free paper (192gsm).

Minimalist collection

For all minimalism lovers
started in 2016

In the beginning, PosterLad was just a side project of a bit too busy digital designer desiring to make something that only he is in charge of, not the client. Some sort of a vent, if you like.

Thousands of
Happy poster owners

Since 2018 more than 4000 PosterLad posters were shipped all around the globe and all these arrived safely to their destination.