What is PosterLad?

PosterLad is an art project by Czech designer Vratislav Pecka. He believes that a poster does not have to always necessarily promote some event or product. Instead, Pecka uses the medium as a space for expressing his art ideas. The main common features of Vratislav Pecka's work are simple shapes and vivid colors. His work was influenced by the Bauhaus school and a certain nostalgia and memories of the 90s. Posterlad posters do not aim to express any thoughts or to deliver a message. The main goal of these posters is to visually captivate and please the observer's eye.

PosterLad Vratislav PeckaPhoto: Willem-Jan Persoons

The PosterLad project started in 2016 as some sort of escape project of one busy designer who was already fed up with the client's work and who set himself a goal to start creating something of his own. Since then, Pecka has been designing posters almost every day. His style is constantly evolving, and so the designer does not stick with one style for too long. Within a few years, PosterLad became popular on social media and was awarded the 2019 Silver A'Design Award and the 2020 German Design Award. Pecka is currently a full-time artist, but is open to collaborations with clients who seek designs with his personal artistic touch. In addition to poster design, Pecka also creates cryptoart. He presents his works on the world's most prestigious platform called SuperRare, which hosts only a handful of leading contemporary artists.

Selected clients: Redbull, Adobe, H&M, Julius Meinl, Stink Films, Ykra

About the designer

Vratislav Pecka was born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1988. After spending three years in film schools, where he graduated as video editor and briefly studied animation, he found his passion elsewhere — in graphics. He worked as a freelance designer for over ten years, and at the same time he became a co-founder of graphic design studio Pecka Studio. He has been a full-time artist since early 2021. He lives in Amsterdam with his wife and is excited to see what comes next.

Words of wisdom

I like the quote from Rushmore explaining what is the key to happiness – "Find something you love and do it for the rest of your life" – I think I found that in the PosterLad project. (And yes, that is from Casey's video). 
 PosterLad Vratislav Pecka

Photo: Willem-Jan Persoons



  • 2018 permanent exhibition in Prague Congress Center
  • 2018 - exhibition on Czech Design Week Fall 2018
  • 2018 - part of the final seleciton of Ecuador Poster Bienal 2018 - November 2018
  • 2018 - part of the final seleciton of Trnava Poster Triennial 2018 - October 2018
  • 2017 - part of the ASU VCD 10th Annual Poster Show in Arizona State University
  • 2017 - exhibition on Czech Design Week Spring 2017
  • 2017 - vernissage in Cafe Pelíšek, Prague

Selected articles


The project was featured on many design inspiration channels such as Abduzeedo, Creative Boom, Adobe Students, Graphic Gang, Design Tip, Design You Trust, Adobe Indesign social media and many more.