What is PosterLad?

PosterLad is a graphic design project by Czech designer Vratislav Pecka. The main idea of this project is to reinvent the perception of posters. A poster does not have to always promote – a product or an event. Instead, the designer is using the medium to express his design ideas and unique thinking in terms of approaching poster design as fine art. Mainly using simple shapes, geometrically aligned layouts or organically shaped lines and vivid colors, the project is all about pleasing the viewer's eye. Because the world needs good looking things.

PosterLad Vratislav PeckaPhoto: Willem-Jan Persoons

The project started out as a side project of a busy designer wanting to start something of his own. That was in autumn 2016. Designing a new poster almost every day, always a unique one and with an obsessive attention to detail, it gradually became popular on social media. Always pushing the imagination to its limits, both the designer and the project itself are constantly evolving.

The designer finds an endless source of inspiration in everything a bit old, dated. Old VHS cases, 90's graphics, clothes or even music from that era. Without a doubt, there is a strong influence of Bauhaus in the PosterLad project as well. 

About the designer

Vratislav Pecka was born in Prague in 1988. He studied video editing and animation for couple of years, but during that time he found his passion somewhere else – in graphic design. He was freelancing for more than a decade after setting up his own graphic design studio with his sister. Shortly after that he also started the PosterLad project and after years of making his way through the art industry the project won the Silver A'Design Award in Italy and the German Design Winner Award. Now living in Amsterdam with his wife he is excited to see what comes next.

Words of wisdom

I like the quote from Rushmore explaining what is the key to happiness – "Find something you love and do it for the rest of your life" – I think I found that with the PosterLad project. (And yes, I have that from Casey's video). 
 PosterLad Vratislav Pecka

Photo: Willem-Jan Persoons



2018 permanent exhibition in Prague Congress Center
2018 - exhibition on Czech Design Week Fall 2018
2018 - part of the final seleciton of Ecuador Poster Bienal 2018 - November 2018
2018 - part of the final seleciton of Trnava Poster Triennial 2018 - October 2018
2017 - part of the ASU VCD 10th Annual Poster Show in Arizona State University
2017 - exhibition on Czech Design Week Spring 2017
2017 - vernissage in Cafe Pelíšek, Prague


The project was featured on many design inspiration channels such as Abduzeedo, Creative Boom, Adobe Students, Graphic Gang, Design Tip, Design You Trust, Adobe Indesign social media and many more. 

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