Kalas Sportswear

Kalas Sportswear is a leading proprietary manufacturer of custom cycling apparel Europe. Born more than 30 years ago out of a passion for cycling, the company has a rich cycling heritage and prides itself on top quality, product innovation and outstanding customer service. Now, Kalas is making jerseys for the British national team or the Alpecin-Phoenix team, headed by Mathieu van der Poel.

"Working on these jerseys with such a renowned brand as Kalas has been a real pleasure. The pattern I used is more complex than it appears, and I understand it wasn't easy for the Kalas team to fit it all together and make it look good, but they did exactly that. I couldn't be more excited to see both ordinary people and professionals riding their bikes wearing these jerseys. Thank you, Kalas, for such an amazing experience." – PosterLad