LĀU Clothing

LĀU Clothing is a made in Italy Women's top brand founded in 2011. The love for geometry and art in all its expressions has driven LĀU Clothing to create aunique and recognizable style through the power of synthesis. Irony, bold colors and oversized silouhettes define a comfy style combined with trompe l'oeil details and hints of a sporty elegance. Along with seasonal collections, LĀU Clothing also collaborates with international artists and creatives to create limited editions that will never bore you.

"This collaboration was a fantastic experience for me in terms of using my artistic patterns on a purely fashionable women's clothing collection. Two patterns based on two of my specific graphics (Murano & Balloons) were applied to several different types of clothing. From shirts to pants and dresses to cropped sweaters, both pattern collections quickly sold out as limited editions." – PosterLad