Art representation in South Korea

Pinzle, a global artist company, specializes in art marketing services. They exclusively feature a number of international artists who lead global art trends in over 20 countries around the world, including Paris, Berlin, London, New York, and Tokyo. Pinzle partners with a variety of companies, from global conglomerates to local brands, to provide art licensing and content.

"Over the years, I've realized that my work is quite popular in South Korea. Therefore, when Pinzle reached out to me regarding our potential collaboration in terms of selling my work on the South Korean market, I couldn't have been happier. Additionally, Pinzle became my first art agency, and thanks to that, they represent me in the South Korean market for negotiating brand deals and giving me lots of spotlight. I am beyond thankful for that and would recommend Pinzle to any aspiring artist." – PosterLad