The first PosterLad book!

ISSI Éditions is the leading publisher of fine books in Lille, France. Their collectors' books are printed in limited series, numbered and signed by the artist. ISSI Éditions publish books on the themes of Art, Photography, Cooking, Fashion or Lifestyle.

"I never even dreamed of releasing my own book, which came true thanks to working with ISSI, who kindly offered to publish a limited-edition book with them. It was a great experience gathering all the memories, materials, and photos together and putting them into this one book. I really hope this is not the last one, but I am more than happy with it. The book features the whole story of how and why I became an artist. It also includes the full variety of designs from 2016 up until now, showing how I progressed over time and how my style evolved. I was really excited to receive the book and read through its more than 280 pages." – PosterLad